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Novavid – (Nova – Avid – New Knowledge/ Information – comes from Latin and Sanskrit words).

Novavid headquartered at Bangalore, India is a new initiative by a group of highly regarded professionals / entrepreneurs with many years of experience in the healthcare & education sectors from India.

The Company's growth strategy is to align the value propositions within each of its healthcare divisons , in order to capitalise on the varied needs of the healthcare environment.

The Group's operations are focused on harnessing its unique product offering to achieve its company Mission of, "actively participating in and contributing to the creation of a healthier and educated society, through provision of integrated solution / services." At Novavid we believe in our core ethics and ruminate that the provision of world class solution / services is achieved by working closely with professionals, students, patients and users.

We have partnerships / strategic alliances with many establishments of repute in the country to ensure immediacy with the customers thus assuring prompt support. A group of leading consultants from the industry advise the group on innovative and forward thinking approaches that enable us to make a significant impact on the delivery of high-quality solution / services. 


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